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post for travel

post for travel

so it’s been a long time since I made a
post for travelĀ of me sitting down and talking to
you guys but for today’s blog travel I’m going
to share with you guys some of the tips
that you will need to survive in Canada
and also dissipate some of the myths so
first of all, Canada has two official
languages French and English and I will
say the further west you are the least
people speak French but the further east
you are there are more people speaking
French however um our say English is the
most predominant language that is used
throughout Canada French is mainly used
within Ontario and Quebec the two
eastern provinces and some of the
Maritime Provinces as well so if you
cannot speak fetched by you decide to
visit Canada it’s not a big issue most
people will be able to communicate in
English number three
Canada has three big studies and that is
Montreal Toronto and Vancouver if you
live in one of the three big cities you
will not have any trouble getting around
if you don’t have a car or a vehicle
because we have some pretty extensive um
public transit system we have subways
also known as metros you have buses we
have suburban trains everything you
need to get by but taxis are rather
expensive so I would not encourage you
to get them as for the smaller City it
will be pretty hard to get by without a
car especially in around the winter time
okay so now here are those big news guys
Canada has four seasons it’s not
constantly winter it is very cold during
winter time it’s the wrong dog it could
go from a be zero degrees
is up to 40 minus 40 degrees Celsius now
minus 40 does not occur very often or
frequently and one whose time of the
a year does appear we Canadians are just
stay indoors we don’t go outside we
don’t parade around the streets and
enjoy the cold weather we also are human
so some of us actually have very low
tolerance for the cold and prefer to
stay indoors during up with your time if
you visit or live around the border of
Canada and the United States you will
notice that I usually winter could be a
bit long but spring and summer are
rather hot it could go up to 30 degrees
Celsius and sometimes even more it
depends on the year but our weather is
quite unpredictable um sometimes around
me we still have snow but that is quite
rare usually around March that’s when
all the snow melts one thing that I have
noticed when I was visiting Europe and
Asia is acting so I tend to be a lot
more closer as opposed to Canada where
everything is more spaced out well it’s
obvious because we have a lot of space
and a lot of area to cover it so we can
to make things bigger and have them more
spaced out for example in a lot of
cities I visited in Europe I know

travel free australia
there’s things you can get around just
walking around the city and there’s a
lot of bomb things surrounding you
stores big malls and so on but in Canada
and the United States have noticed that
um usually people drive around because
if you want to give go to a certain area
it could be quite far for much we all I
know if you want to go from one side of
the city to the other extreme MIDI it
takes about one or two hours and that is
without traffic so I see you see it
could be a pretty long drive if you come
to visit Canada during winter or if you
come studying here I would highly highly
highly suggest you invest in some good
winter is yours now that means a very
warm coat a pair of winter boots that
will prevent you from slipping and
sliding on ice and also I would suggest
you buy yourself like the whole set you
winter hat scarf gloves
another thing about winter is actually
there’s a lot of ice outside and you
feel like it’s very difficult to walk
the trick is to walk like a penguin just
slow down and take tiny steps there’s
really no magic to it you just need to
master the penguin walk aside from that
I’m hope that you will come to this
country with an open mind everyone is
very I would say accepting of religion
ethnicity sexual orientation just about
everything we can accept but there is an
exception and that is for rudeness when
you ask for things remember to say
please and thank you all the time in
terms of living expenses and just going
out to eat and shopping I will say that
Canada has a bit higher than the United
States in terms of pricing but far far
far lower than Europe I was astonished
by how expensive everything is in Paris
and just overall eating out was very
very expense
they’re around here you can probably get
yourself a pretty good meal around ten
to twenty two million dollars yes we are
hockey fanatics but not all of us are
most people however I will say I really
enjoy hockey it’s kind of like the
national sport we do not say eh I don’t
know why people think that comedians
would say eh a lot
we actually don’t as for our media
culture it’s very similar to the
American media culture we follow
basically, everything that’s kind of
Americans but for Quebec Montreal
especially we have our own local popular
media that people follow a lot so that
is all for today’s post for travel if you guys are
going to visit Canada please leave us on
where you’re going in the comments below
and if you have any questions also leave
them there so please click like and
subscribe thank you see you next time


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how to travel 2019 without money traviling yes free

Hey guys, I’m Tom from Croatia, and for the last couple of years,
the world has been my home.
I traveled, I hitchhiked in cars, trucks, horses, motorcycles,


I drove in buses, trains, rickshaws.
I worked all kinds of jobs, spent time with locals,
I volunteered, and became a monk -just kidding.
I sailed across the Indian Ocean, I tried things that I never tried before.
I’ve seen things that I will remember as long as I live.
and all that with almost no money.

That’s pretty much it actually, thank you very much. (Laughter)
Most of the people when they see this blog post, they react with,
“Wow! I wish I could travel like that.”
The thing is, most of us actually can. Before I started traveling,
as Andrew said, I was a stockbroker, working 9-5, had a lot of money.
and then the crash came 2008, I lost my job, I lost the money,
and I lost the meaning.
At that time, I discovered a website called Couchsurfing.
I don’t know how many of you guys heard about Couchsurfing?
Ok, how many of you haven’t heard about Couchsurfing?
Ok, for you guys, it’s an internet website that allows you to host travelers
in your own home, and at the same time it allows you to stay
in other people’s homes while you’re traveling yourself.
When I was hosting people in my apartment, over 150 of them, by listening
to their stories and seeing the spark in their eyes, my thought was,
“wow! I wish I could travel like that.”
But I was afraid.
The world is a very dangerous place, at least according
to the media, our education, our family church, and so on.
I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone,
and going, by myself, into the unknown world.
I was also afraid of not having any money, and then the people that I hosted
in my apartment told me two amazing things.
First of all, you don’t have to be brave to travel, you just have to have
a little bit of courage to start, to leave.
And the other thing they told me is that you don’t have to be rich to travel.
Actually, all expenses while you’re traveling fall into three major categories:
first is transportation, to get from point A to point B,
the other one is accommodation, and the last is everything else,
food, drinks and so on.
And they told me if you minimize those three expenses to some minimum,

it can actually be cheaper to travel than living in your own city.
I listened to them and for the next five years,
I’ve been traveling around the world,
with almost no money.
And this is how I did it: first thing, I hitchhiked.
Apart from being free, apart from being really fast,
it allowed me one amazing thing, to have an adventure
between point A and point B.
Now how many of you guys have ever hitchhiked before?
Ok, quite a lot of you, why what are you doing? (Laughter)
I’m going to play you a short blog post called “Hitchhiking Guide”,
just to tell you a few unwritten rules about hitchhiking,
and some of my experiences.
(music playing in the background)
(car honks)
Thank you.
There are other alternatives to transportation.
One of them is walking, you guys know what that is…
How many of you guys know? (Laughter)
So, you just take your backpack and hit the road.
Another way is cycling; it’s not maybe completely free,
because you have to buy the bicycle, and eventually fix it,
but it’s much cheaper than the conventional methods
of transportation.
And the last one is actually working in exchange for transportation.
I did this when I was sailing across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Africa.
And I didn’t have to pay for the ride, I just needed to do some work on the boat,
like some night watches, “cooking” and stuff like that.
When it came to accommodation, most of the time I used Couchsurfing,
because I had a lot of experience, had a lot these positive references
on the website and so on.
What I like about Couchsurfing the most is not only because it’s free,
it allows you to have a different perspective
of the destination.
You’re not destined to stay in your hotel room or take tourist tours.
You just hang out with your host he takes you on places
that you would probably never visit by yourself.
But also there some other alternatives; one of them is camping,
you have your tents, you can sleep almost everywhere you want.
In the big cities I usually slept in parks just have my sleeping bag and my mattress.
The last one when it comes to accommodation is volunteering.
There are a lot of opportunities all around the world that offer you to work
in exchange for accommodation, sometimes even food.
So you get to sleep in beautiful rooms like this.
When it comes to all the other expenses, one of them is food,
in rich cities and rich countries
I usually buy food in supermarkets, which is the cheapest way,
and just eat on the streets.
You can also cook with your host, which can be a pretty unique experience.



(Laughter) To say the least
These are Germans actually. (Laughter)
Sorry, it was pretty delicious, to say the least, and one of the cheapest.
Another thing is dumpster diving; maybe over 40-50% of the food
that is being produced is being thrown away,
and a lot of people have a problem with that, so they go to supermarket bins
after the closing hours, and just take all the food
that is not going to be sold the day after.
When it comes to drinks, booze you know, the usual ty to avoid bars, restaurants
and to drink in parks.
This is how you can travel really really cheap but one other thing when it comes
to traveling is that you can earn money while traveling.
How to do that? I did it a couple times.
One of them is busking, playing the guitar on the streets.
I’m not a musician. I know like probably four or five chords, and four songs,
so it’s like repeat all, you know.
People are passing by, so they don’t really know. (Laughter)
The most important thing is to have a story.
I always had my small cardboard, which I wrote, actually, somebody else wrote
in the local language, where I’m from, what I’m doing there, what’s my story.
I think that’s why people donated a little bit of money, some sandwiches,
sodas, and so on.
You won’t earn a lot of money by doing this but it can get you
through the day.
One other way is to write; you can write a blog,
open up a Facebook page. After a while, you can maybe write a book, and so on.
But what brought me the largest amount of money is actually going to Australia.
This is a job I worked in Australia, I call it “professional traffic diverter”,
it’s a very hard job as you can see, you tell people,
“Please go this way and not this way”
I mean, if they are blind you know. (Laughter)
So for this, I was getting paid twenty dollars an hour. (crowd gasping)
I’m sorry, I know you hate me, and all that. (Laughter)
Oh, well.
Plus, I had food and accommodation included. I know, I know.
Actually, one information, this was on my around the world trip,
it took me thirteen days of working at this job,
to pay off eight months of traveling from Croatia through entire Asia,
reaching Australia.
So thirteen days of work, in exchange for eight months of traveling.
So, what have I learned on all these trips?
Have I found the meaning of life and so on. That’s what my mom asked me?
Like “Oh, you know we were really scared for all these years but was it worth it?”
and my answer is always “definitely yes”.
I’ve learned a lot of things, most of them are just like some personal nature things
so I won’t be talking about that, but I also learned some general fruits.
so to speak
I learned not to trust media and all their “horror stories”.
I learned that we should preserve our earth like it’s the only one we have,
and the only one with chocolate right?
I learned to tear down my prejudices, that was probably one of the most
important things.
I learned that all the people around the world,
no matter how much we try to point out the differences
between the cultures, races, religions, and so on,
we’re all actually basically the same.
I have a short story about these prejudices that I encountered while I was traveling.
When I was leaving Croatia, heading on my around the world trip,
everybody was telling me, “Be careful, it’s very dangerous,
you know you’re going to hitchhike, going to sleep in other people’s homes
and stuff like that.”
In Croatia, it’s still ok to travel, but as soon as you cross the border,
and enter into Serbia… you know what Serbians are like.
Be very very careful, somebody might kill you. And I’m like “Ok, thank you for
the warning” and I cross the border enter into Serbia,
amazing adventures, amazing people I met, people picking me up, taking me out
sleeping in their homes, really really amazing experiences.
I was leaving Serbia, heading to Bulgaria, and I was driving with a driver,
and telling him that story, like how Croatians were warning me
about Serbians.
And he’s like, “Ah brother, you know that is complete nonsense,
Croatians and Serbians, we are all brothers.
But Bulgarians, when you cross the border, enter into Bulgaria…
you know what Bulgarians are like; a lot of gypsies, man, you know.

Be very careful, somebody might kill you.” (Laughter)
Entering Bulgaria, the same story all over again.
Amazing experiences, people just extremely friendly.
Then I was driving with one truck driver, going towards Turkey and I was telling him
the same story how Croatians warned me about Serbians,
Serbians about Bulgarians.
And he was like, “Oh brother, that’s complete nonsense,
Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarians… we are all Balkan brothers!
But Turkish people, oh my God! You know what Turkish people are like.
Very dangerous, somebody might kill you.”
Turkish people warned me about Kurdish people,
Kurdish people about Iranis,
Iran is about Pakistanis, Pakistanis about Indians,
Indians didn’t warn me about anyone, I don’t know,
it’s like the last frontier or something.
Beats me, but yeah, it wasn’t only a travel lesson, but maybe a life lesson
like not to trust all these horror stories that people were telling.
And one also interesting thing, when you come back home,
people are kind of afraid of leaving because they don’t know
what’s going to wait for them once they come back.
There’s a big probability you will be a star.
When you come back, everybody will buy you beers,
the girls will be like, “Ooh, you know he’s been traveling!” (Laughter)
But after a while, it kinda gets boring; you’re tired of telling your own story,
people are tired of listening to it, and this post traveling depression kicks in.
Then you actually have three options.
One of them is to just settle down to your old lifestyle. You still have your
old friends, they’re still talking about the same things,
going to the same places, maybe you can get your old job back,
and after a while it’s ok.
You feel safe living there, but you kind of miss that guy
who has been traveling, having this intensity wherever he goes.
The second option is to take your backpack,
and say, “Oh no, I can’t live here” and just head back to the road.
You will have that intensity, you’ll meet amazing people,
have adventures every single day.
But after a while, you’ll miss something; you’ll miss belonging to a story.
Your friendships will be intense, but they will be short-lasting.
Your relationships will last as long as your visa for a certain country.
You will miss having a home.
The third option is actually the balance of these two:
so stay in one place, but still, don’t lose
that intensity.
Walk in streets you’ve never walked in before,
start talking with random people on the streets, get a new hobby,
find a new job, maybe write a book, give a TEDx conference talk,
you know like all sorts of things.
So, is it for everyone, this type of travel?
I don’t think so; with all the amazing things
that this kind of traveling can bring to you, there are also downsides:
it’s a big chance that you’ll be lonely and that you’ll be hungry, sick, homesick,
but it all comes down to your gut feeling.
If after all these ideas, and all these knowledge,
you still have that, “wow, I wish I could travel like this”
then you should definitely do it.
Then you should forget about your fears, disregard the fact that you’re broke,
and just leave, head to the road.
Because like that famous quote says, “In twenty years from now on,
you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do,
then by the things you did do”.
Thank you very much. (Applause)

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10 JOBS TRAVEL THE WORLD 2019 best traveling

travel free australia

about 10 jobs they’ll actually pay you
to travel the world

visa no it wait well you’re home working
holiday visas way to go away to
somewhere like Australia New Zealand
Japan the UK and you can get a 12-month
work visa and you can work casual jobs
and then take all the money you’ve just
saved and then go traveling you know I
don’t – working holiday visas one in
Australia one in New Zealand my channel
is absolutely packed full a resource
videos about finding work Australia
planning working all that all things
like that so a link you can playlist and
below a working hard maybe there is
normally where everyone kind of starts
their journey to becoming like a
full-time digital nomad and location
independent the second one is picking up
a freelance work whilst you’re on the
road so this could be anything you have
a skill in can you write do you do
really good photography can you program
do you do marketing anything like that
there are some really good websites out
there I would personally click there’s a
lot like up work and all that and it’s
also one for people per hour which I
have got their work on when I started
this whole life with the digital nomad
so on these sites you sell your skills
basically and you can be anywhere in the
world Salon des gardius an internet
connection to get paid number three if
you want to up that a level then why not
set up your own business where you was
boss can be location independent so
again you just gotta harness what your
skills are work on them and develop them
you can even hire staff remotely in
other countries to take on different
tasks as you further your career the
thing of your own business does take a
very long time and it’s not a quick and
easy way to make money so you’ll
probably have to start off small and go
with plenty of capital if you keep going
into your business starts taking off and
gives you an income that you can live
and travel anywhere in the world another
really popular one that I came
I still really don’t understand if I
doom it slim called dropshipping and a
lot of people in Chiangmai limit and
light do this and some make so much
money off I don’t know how many to
believe when they say how much they make
because it’s like not that I love can
live a while you believe in Chiang Mai’s
you’re running hundred fifty grand a
year but I do know people do make a good
living on it so just Google drop
shipping it will explain it way better
than I ever could but it means where you
need is an internet connection and you
can travel the world and work anywhere
another one for where you’re working for
yourself and being anywhere in the world
is blogging as blogging is a very
competitive area to come into especially
now but it’s still so through a lot of
don’t let the massive competition put
you up any one money on blogging is
through basically advertisement so
you’ll probably do a lot of affiliate
marketing you’ve probably seen me do it
and we’ll talk about that in the next
section on the next recommendation which
you can probably guess what that’s going
to be on your blog you’ll always see ads
you can I have Google ads which page man
nothing or you can have affiliate links
which pay a lot more so when you click
on something the customer buy something
from that link when they tripped off
your website you get more mad position
if you have a really good conversion
rate then this can be very profitable
this one it’s kind of the last in the
list is kind of the freelancing kind of
running your own business ideas and
that’s to become a blogger to become a
youtuber walking and walking do go
hand-in-hand so youtubers get paid
primarily through Google Adsense as you
know one of your income streams then you
got sponsored videos where a company
will approach you to work with you on a
campaign or a product review or
something you give them the base price
and then normally they’ll give you also
an affiliate link to give your audience
money off and then you get commission on
top of your base rate I’ve always wanted
to do kind of a video I’ve learned a lot
I don’t I’d only take on a lot of
functions you’ll notice I’m super select
and I’ve also learned so much about
working with companies and maybe I will
do a video on this if enough of you are
let me know we’re both blogging and
vlogging if you’re a travel blogger then
you go away on press trips and get your
trip sponsored for you so that’s an
option as well kind of one of the
biggest ways that you can travel well
and literally get paid to travel it your
job to travel sprinkled so the last you
there going to be a bit more
conventional this one is a super popular
one and it’s to teach English abroad not
only do you get to move to another
countries for like a year we will also
get paid to do that there for example
South Korea two really popular wants to
go over and teach English and then all
here you can just spend your weekends
when your time up happening around Korea
or going somewhere else in Asia or
whatever cuz you’re literally getting
paid to be in this other country how
cool is that
now qualifications differ all over the
world you have to look into it a lot of
places going to have a successful
qualification waiting to teach English
and also a lot of places do require to
have a bachelor’s degree you don’t need
a bachelor’s degree in teaching loads of
time you just need a degree number eight
is to become a tour guide now this one
isn’t as easy to get into as you’re
going to have to know the place you are
pretty well but if you do know another
place pretty well or you’re willing to
learn quickly then being a tour guide
can be a pretty sweet job if you can get
into it right number nine is working on
a cruise ship now from what I read
because it’s like I consider two years
of doing the hours are literally
horrific you do not get much time off
the boat whatsoever any days of use you
get all you want to do is apparently
just sleep like you’ll pull up in
Barbados and so where are you going off
and you’re literally like bags in your
eyes granular and lying hours and you’re
normally scheduled to say maybe six
months or nine months but you can’t
spend your money really on the ship so
even though that a common theme of the
downside that it’s kind of exhausting
tiring the upside is you come out with a
ton of money but only are you
technically physically traveling
the world on a ship you’re getting paid
to do it and then you leave with a ton
of money to go traveling even more and
number 10 is to pick a job within a
field that involves a lot of traveling
sort of it to be like cabin crew being
an airhostess kind of thing that’s not
the most glamorous job I know people who
are cabin crew and it don’t look
glamorous for a moment your body clock
is screwed to health implications
applying that merges it’s show time such
long hours but it is an option also jobs
such as writing for Travel Magazine
something like learner talent National
Geographic doesn’t even have to be that
big or just working within a business
that might require you to take some
cheeky little business trips to maybe LA
New York or London or Paris who knows if
you want a kind of more conventional job
but you still want to travel more than
usual then make sure you fixing that
opportunity for towel in it okay guys I
rambled on long enough I know this is
not an extensive list maybe of your
party of ten more jobs that pay to
travel but those are kind like the most
common ones being location independent
and a digital nomad and also certain
jobs like teaching English working on
cruise ships that will get you out there
and pay you to do it at the same time
let me know what I’ve missed off his
list and also have you taken any of
these jobs before are you still doing
these jobs now let me know what your
experience is and get chatting down
there and I will see you in a couple of
days but no

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how to travel free without credit card 2019

full-time traveler free

Hey guys! Right, today I’m going to do a really, what I think, is a well-needed content.

Because the number of people I get to come to me every single day, via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter,

and they are convinced that they just can’t afford to travel, that they’ll never be able to get enough
money to do what I do or do what all of there are friends doing.
Now, if you decide to take everything I’m about to tell you and use all of them, then yes,
you can be like a lot of people out there who do really travel the world for free.


Am I echoing? Sorry! Kitchen! Fair lighting. Kind-of-ish. Oooh.
So, yes. There are people who genuinely don’t spend the money and live off the goodwill of other people.
Um, which you can take how you want… you can… you know everyone’s got their own view on that one.
But if don’t want to be that extreme then just take some of these 20 tips on travel itravelng the world… for free!
Couchsurfing is huge and I’ve used it a ton of times in Australia.
If you don’t know what Couchsurfing is, where have you been?!
Couchsurfing is basically you find a local to stay with for free. 100% free.
They open up a spare room, or a couch, or a blow-up mattress on the floor and you can crash at theirs.
And it’s an amazing way to get to know a country by staying with a local
because they have so much knowledge and information that you really get to appreciate a culture
and a way of life by seeing a local live like that.
Now, I myself have never done woofing.
As.. as a full-time traveler, I kinda need to be able to save money and make money.
So how woofing works is, you get your keep, which is your accommodation and your food, in return for a few hours work.
That work will depend obviously on the ad listing and you have to discuss it before you get there.
So really take something you’re happy to do for free room and board.
But it’s an amazing way to get a small little job, which again like Couchsurfing, really makes you appreciate a country and the culture a lot more.

full-time traveler

Homestays are very, very similar to woofing. However, someone will open up their home to you and maybe they have a business and you help them out with it.
So it’s two very different websites that offer kinda very different experiences.
Woofing is more you do a lot of free picking, cultural work, working outdoors, which is great.
And homestays are completely different. And sometimes they may ask you to just clean-up for an hour a day.
So, I will put the links to both of those down below.
House sitting is absolutely amazing if you can get in.
When people go on holiday and they just want someone to come and look after their house, and maybe feed their cats and dogs,

then you can do that and you can stay in some pretty incredible houses, may I add.
Some like mansions.


So all you do is you go onto the website and you put in your details and contact between you two if you know that you’re
gonna be free for a month in Adelaide in Australia and someone is going away for 3 weeks, look after their home.
Rent is the biggest part of your budget gone basically when you travel. So anything with free accommodation is great.
Now don’t get me wrong. Some volunteer places ask for a lot of money for you to go and work for free.
However, if it is something you really want to do then the rewards can be fantastic.
Just make sure you research your organization or program really really well.
And also, what I recommend, is going onto their Facebook page and talking to people who have been on that program before and see how they found it.


But volunteering is great because you can give something, get something back, and visit a country practically for nothing.


6 kind of comes… actually there’s 20 of these I don’t know how I’m…


#6 comes with something that’s quite trendy at the moment, but highly illegal in lots of places.


And that is dumpster diving.
You want to get a free meal, but hate how Tesco, Asda, Kohl’s, Woolworth’s, IGA always throw out packaged food?
If you really hate that, then dumpster diving might be for you.
I am not recommending you do this, may I put that down now.
Because it is illegal.
But, just saying, people do it. When big supermarkets, or even small shops, throw out loads and loads and loads of packaged food,


that’s nothing wrong with them but physically can’t sell them because it’s past the sell by date,
then some people go into the bins and get it. That’s all I’m saying.
Again, I have not hitchhiked ever.
I’ve been picked up on the side of the road in country towns I’ve worked in for them to take me from one end of the country town to the other.
I have never gone a long distance. And again, due to safety reasons, I will not recommend this.
But if you like hitchhiking, if you’ve done it before, if you feel safe and confident, then go for it. Because you can travel a lot of miles for free.

free travel

But please. Take into consideration your safety and well-being before you do it.
I am not recommending this, I have never done it before myself, so I cannot give anyone advice on this.
Putting that out there.


Lots of hostels around the world will want you to clean for a few hours a day and you get to stay in the hostel for free.
Which is really great short-term. Fine with a lot of people long-term, then end up not liking it.
But you can’t complain when you’re working 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and you’re getting your accommodation paid for.



Coming in at #9. Whilst you’re there, lots of hostels have free food bins. So that’s another way that you can reduce your costs on food.


Free food bins are great because when people leave the hostel they empty out their little bags from the fridge and throw everything in the free food bin.
And it’s like first come first serve. All the backpackers are like waste deep in there searching for all the good stuff.
To be honest, when I’ve been really low on money they have been a god sent.


traveling free without card visa

#10… we’re halfway there.


Granted, you have to pay the upfront costs of getting your tent and sleeping bag, but if you’ve already got that there are tons,
and I mean hundreds of places across the world that offer free camping zones.
And even if you have to shell out a little bit of money, um, just to be able to use their facilities, like their toilets and their kitchen,
it will be a lot cheaper than staying in hostels or hotels or even guesthouses.
So if you like being out in the bush, if you like being one with mother nature, then grab yourself a tent because it’s a great way to save money.


Number 11!


Exchange your skills for food, drinks, money, or bandanas.
Whatever you want at the time.
Can you cut hair? Are you a trained hairdresser?
Can you make jewelry? Can you do henna? Caricatures?
Trust me, lots of people do this, especially the hairdressing one.
Put up advertisement, or sit upstairs on the roof-top bar of your hostel
and do caricatures
and charge people a bit for a quick caricature
Or something like that
If you got skill then you could offer
especially with something quirky,
then people will pay for it.
And even if you don’t want money for it,
you can get a meal out of it or a few beers.



No. 12:


I’m actually getting quite good at this
Work in an industry where there’re opportunities to travel.
That’s probably one of the easiest ones.
If you think about it,
working as travel agents, working at HTA Travel,
or work in an industry where it
would benefit the company to
sent you away on trips or conferences
’cause that’s a great way
To get a few countries out of your bucket list.


No. 13

travel free australia

Now lots of backpackers try and do this in Australia
and lots of them die.
They would cycle through the outback.
Which is the most – okay some people do it,
but they’re extremely prepared and well trained.
And I mean seriously, extremely prepared and well trained.
When I worked in outback bars,
the number of people who used to cycle
through the outback would see them, and we had to stop them.
And we’d say,
“There is nothing here for the next day.
You’ll be cycling out, and you have a two-liter bottle of water with you.”
There is no shade.
And it’s like, do your research!
But if you’re going to be doing short distances,
then walking place to place will save you on public transport costs
and if you’ve got a bike, you want to cycle across the country,
Number 14: Frequent flyer points.
Now, this is one you can help me with
because I don’t have frequent flier points…
um… which is probably really shocking, for the amount of flying I do.
So if you’ve got any advice on what’s best, how I go ’round it.
But so many of my travel friends use frequent flier points.
And not only can you save up over time for a whole flight,
if you fancy, you can even upgrade to business class with your points and treat yourself.
Number 15: Car sharing.
Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world
and it’s really great: One, meet people,
two, save the planet; and three, get from A to B.
Number 16: Car moving?
I’m not too sure what this one’s called.
But for example, let’s take England,
someone has a car. They pick it up in London, drop it off in Birmingham.
That car hire company will need someone to bring it back from Birmingham to London.
People are doing it a lot in Australia
and you basically collect the car… from Brisbane,
and you have X amount of days to drive it back down to Melbourne.
So, you do have a time frame,
but so long as you’re not picky with when you’re gonna be moving about,
check out some of the car hire companies
and see how you can go about moving their cars for them across the country.
Number 17: Work on a boat or cruise ship.
This is a huge one.
If you can get on a cruise ship, granted, you’re at sea a lot.
But you can get paid pretty well.
Granted, again… it’s a lot of hours from what I’ve heard.
You don’t see land; you don’t really see that much of anything.
But if you work 6 months out of the year,
you have 6 months left.
And you haven’t spent a single penny working.
So… if life at sea is for you, then check out working on a cruise ship.
Number… 18: Visit free attractions.
Cities and even small towns are filled with free museums,
free art galleries, beautiful parks, great beaches,
that are all absolutely free.
So you don’t need to go on these ridiculously expensive tours
to really see a place, or learn about a place,
or enjoy yourself.
So take advantage of everything that is free.
Number 19 Should be… become a travel blogger!
I suppose.
But… you kind of gotta give it quite a few years.
And even then, everything you earn from your blog doesn’t cover it.
It’s really tough.
Trust me.
I’m so glad I went full time with this.
Nah, I’m only joking. If you think travel blogging is for you,
then let me tell you this right now:
You will not make any kind of significant money for the first few years.
And even then, it won’t be enough to cover your entire travel.
But if you want to do it, if it’s your dream,
then be very dedicated.
But this content is not about how to become a travel blogger.
But if you would like that content, let me know!
And Number 20, finally:
Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
Enjoy a walk on the beach.
Enjoy sitting in the park with a good book and a sandwich.
Just enjoy the really simple things that cost absolutely nothing.
And take in where you are when you travel.
Breathe it all in, look around, and enjoy it.
Okay, this has been a horrendously long content,
and I’m gonna have to go ’cause I’m going out for luncheon.
Don’t forget, hit the “like” button if you really did enjoy this,
and what are some of your ways of travel the world for free?
Let me know in the comments below.
Don’t forget, you can subscribe
keep up to date with all my travel and get some advice as well.
There’s also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat,
all at PsychoTravel, the links are all down there
along with my website, so feel free to check that one out.
That’s all my blog posts
which are all very different from the kind of contents that I do online.
Okay. I will see you soon, my little psychos! *kiss* Bye!

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