10 dog behaviors at home finally explained

All dogs are different from both a physical and a behavioral point of view. On the other hand, these simply endearing animals sometimes have similar reactions. In general, all behaviors, good or bad, have a simple explanation. If your dog is following you all the way to the bathroom, sleeping on your bed or sticking to your bed as soon as you’re near him, he’s trying to tell you something . These dog behaviors at home are common and usually have significance.

10. Make the eyes soft

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A dog who looks at you gently for long minutes does not necessarily want special attention, he just wants to look at you. It’s mostly a way of telling you that he loves you. It is also a great sign of confidence that he gives you. On the other hand, if a dog fixes you by showing the teeth, it is better to move away.

9. He is happy when you arrive home

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