42 people who will make you lose faith in humanity

1. This woman trying to take the escalator in a wheelchair:

2. That man who does the board on a McDonald badge:

3. This person dressed in several dead animals:

4. That woman who had trouble sitting on her seat at the movies:

5. This leopard mother and her little one:

6. This person disguised as a cow:

7. This woman versed in the art of witchcraft:

8. That woman who takes a selfie:

9. That woman who put her breasts in her pants:

10. That woman who wears those tights:

11. This woman wearing a cat coat: :

12. This person walking around on his computer:

13. This guy may also be versed in the art of witchcraft:

14. That man who does the board on a tiger:

15. That girl with that haircut:

16. That boy who eats pizza with chopsticks:

17. This cheese mannequin:

18. That girl who dries her teeth:

19. This parent who carries a child: :

20. This woman who eats a block of cheese:

21. That granddaughter:

22. That young man who invited his Xbox to the prom :

23. That girl doing her homework:

24. That person who’s been wearing fangs long enough to leave traces:

25. That girl who eats her own fist:

26. This man who takes the bus:

27. That man who’s having lunch:

28. This man in a koala mask:

29. That woman wearing a Sarah Palin T-shirt:

30. That grandmother:

31. She:

"Accusée d'avoir menacé le Président de mort."

32. That person with those toenails:

33. That kid at the supermarket:

34. That man who shaved his chest like that:

35. This man:

36. That girl with a bag of Doritos in her hair:

37. That grandmother at the supermarket:

38. That guy at Starbucks:

39. That girl who’s also a cat:
40. That woman at the Burger King:

"Quand on me demande 'Qu'est-ce que ça te fait d'être un chat ?" moi je réponds 'Qu'est-ce que ça vous fait d'être humain ?'"


When asked, “How does it feel to be a cat?” I say, “How does it feel to be human?”

40. That woman at the Burger King:

41. And this genius:

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