A man touches a waitress’s butt The original video was a shocking reaction

In a bar-restaurant in the United States, a perverted customer saw fit to touch a waitress’s butt… And he (very) quickly regretted it! A sequence to find on Non Stop Zapping.

It happens far too often that some men think they are allowed to do anything and therefore allow themselves to put their hands where they absolutely should not, as the images above show. The scene was captured by surveillance cameras at a bar-restaurant. A waitress was busy around a customer table when she isolated herself a little further away to count her tickets. It was at this moment that a young man who was leaving the establishment took the opportunity to pass his hand over the buttocks of the waitress. Outside her, the latter absolutely did not let herself be carried away and went directly to confrontation. The young woman grabbed her attacker by the neck of her t-shirt and controlled him with incredible force, propelling him to the ground in rage. For a hand on his ass, this abject young man had the humiliation he deserved!


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