An 8 – year – old boy marries a 61 – year – old woman


It seems from his feet hanging from the chair that he is having lunch with his grandmother, but in fact Sanli Masilela, 8, is dining with his wife, Helen Shabanjo, 61, whom he married two weeks ago.

The schoolboy was married to Helen after his grandfather asked him to marry before he died. Helen, the family friend, a mother of five, was paid by the Sanili family for £ 500 to accept marriage. The wedding, which cost $ 1, 000 GBP, in Chwane, South Africa.

Sanli admitted that he began to feel like a man already married. “The wedding day was wonderful, and it was already as I imagined it. My friends thought I was joking, but now I feel like a husband,” Sanli said. And kisses to 100 invitees. This marriage is not binding. No legal papers have been signed. The couple do not live together, but sometimes Helen is invited to lunch with her young husband at the family home.

Sanli returned to normal life, where he returned to school and played football with his friends. But he admitted that the wedding was important to him. “My grandfather asked me to do that, and I chose Hillel because I love her,” he said.

“I told my mother that I wanted to get married, and I’m glad I married Helen, and when I grow up I’ll marry a woman of my age, but I’ll go back to school and study hard,” he said.

“This is the first time this has happened in the family. Sanli’s grandfather asked him to marry before he died. He chose Helen because he loved her,” said Sanli, 46, the mother of the 46-year-old mother. “I do not have a problem because I know this is what the grandparents want, and that makes them happy, and Sanli was happy at the ceremony.”

The wedding news shocked the world, but Helen, who married 30 years ago and has five children between the ages of 37 and 27, defended the ceremony. “I know our story has spread all over the world, and it’s great that countries learn more about Our culture and our grandparents, “she said.” We did nothing wrong, it’s about our culture, when our ancestors ask us to do something we have to do, I do not think other people understand that. ”

“The wedding costs were far more than the cost of her first wedding from her husband, Alfred, 65,” the new wife said. “I always stayed near the Sanli family. Before marriage, I was very close to them, and it did not change after marriage. ” While her husband Alfred expressed his and his children’s happiness with the marriage

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