belgium stunned Brazil and hit France in the semi-finals

The Belgian opened the scoring in the 13th minute (Fernandinho’s own foul) and Kevin de Bruen added the second goal in the 31st minute while Renato Augusto scored Brazil’s only goal in the 76th minute.

Belgium will meet in the semi-finals next Tuesday in St. Petersburg, with France, who beat Uruguay 2-0 in Samarra earlier in the day.

It was the second time Belgium had reached the semi-finals of their 13th World Cup after 1986 when they lost to Argentina’s Diego Armando Maradona before a fourth defeat by France 2-4. ).

Is Brazil’s first loss in 13 months when it fell to neighbors and rivals Argentina 1-0 in Melbourne.

On the other hand, Belgium kept their record free of loss in 24 consecutive games (19 wins and 5 draws), and succeeded in breaking the quarter-finals that fell in the World Cup 2014 and the 2016 European Cup in France.

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