Come back to life after putting it in the refrigerator of the dead

In a strange incident after the announcement of the death of a woman after a car accident in South Africa, and put it in the refrigerator of the dead, this woman returned to life; after he found a morgue worker breathing.


According to the Daily Mail, the woman was transferred to the Carltonville Morgue in Gwentg County after her pulse stopped and no form of life appeared on her because of the incident.

When a hospital worker went to the refrigerator to check, she found her breathing and was taken to the hospital again to recover from her ordeal.

Authorities began investigating the mistake, and in turn the ambulance services company that announced her death denied any negligence on their part.

“The incident did not happen because the medical personnel were not trained, but the staff followed the protocols necessary to verify her death, including the search for pulse signs and whether she was breathing,” the company’s operations manager said.

Local reports said the woman was among a number of people who were killed in a car accident that killed two others.

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