Hawaii: 23 injured after a lava projection The new facts are shocking and the next is worse


About 20 people were injured, including one seriously, by a jet of lava during a boat trip to observe the lava of the erupting volcano in Hawaii, local authorities announced yesterday. Of the tourist boat passengers, the total number of whom was not specified, 13 were treated at a local hospital and 10 sustained only minor injuries, treated on arrival at the port of Wailoa, according to Hawaii County firefighters.


Four people had to be taken to the medical centre by ambulance, including a woman in her twenties in serious condition with a broken femur, following this incident in the early morning. Firefighters explained that a lava explosion had covered the roof of the boat and dug a large hole while one of the boat’s balustrades was damaged, without further details.

The eruption of Kilauea volcano, one of the most active in the world, has already caused the destruction of hundreds of houses since May. Kilauea is one of five volcanoes on the island of Hawaii, the largest in the archipelago.

The federal geological agency stressed on its website that “lava continues to seep at the mouth of the ocean” and that a “small island appeared” on Sunday from the fissure from which lava still gushes. It measures from 6 to 9 meters in diameter. “It is probably part of the flow of fissure 8 that enters the ocean, probably an underwater tumulus that grows underwater and has emerged at the surface of the water,” the agency said.

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