Ray Lewis: C.J. Mosley is NFL’s best center linebacker.

his is Ray Lewis’ end of the week.

The previous All-Pro linebacker is a piece of an eight-man class entering the Hall of Fame as its most recent gathering of enshrinees on Saturday in Canton, Ohio. It’s justifiable if he’s inclination himself appropriate about at this point.

It appears to be, however, that the altruism has spread outward from Lewis to his previous group, which is in Canton as a member in Thursday’s Hall of Fame Game. Lewis, apparently the best center linebacker of his age, stretched out a similar compliment to Baltimore’s present man in the center.


“I would love for you to demonstrate to me a superior center linebacker in the diversion than C.J. Mosley,” Lewis stated, by means of ESPN. “That is from an unadulterated football impulse level of being a general and continually winding up in the ideal place. Would he be able to improve? Totally. By and large, that is the thing that a linebacker resembles, plays like and thinks like. C.J. Mosley, that is a football player.”

Lewis’ age was an incredible one as far as center ‘benefactors, with individual HOF cohort Brian Urlacher similarly as a lot of a pillar at the situation as Lewis and a bunch of others close to their level of execution. Lewis played the diversion with an energy and want to influence his adversaries to feel him each time they met between the lines, so much that the Madden NFL computer game presented a “hit stick” with Lewis filling in as the substance of the element. He sees the same in Mosley.

“Each time I watch him, I’m similar to, ‘Amazing,'” Lewis said. “I get super energized when I see him playing football since he’s playing it from a linebacker point of view. He isn’t simply endeavoring to handle you. He’s attempting to influence you to feel him. I think a great deal of linebackers currently approve of making handles. No, the diversion is about discipline. You need to run the ball against me? That is an issue.”

Mosley is unquestionably on the edge of the discussion, if not in it. We’re in to some degree a transitional period at the situation, with the easily recognized names having left and the following product of youthful stars ascending to noticeable quality. The primary names that ring a bell at the position are Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner. After those two, Mosley likely fits.

Insights will demonstrate Mosley has a place in that gathering, falling only one handle short of tying Wagner for seventh most in the class (133) and a half-sack shy of Wagner’s 1.5 (however sacks aren’t as characteristic of a center linebacker’s prosperity). Mosley is accomplishing more than his activity for a Ravens guard that was stellar early last season and is sufficiently capable to be one of the group’s best in 2018, with Mosley at the cutting edge. On the off chance that player assessment is wanted, he arrived at No. 98 in the latest version of the Top 100.

Lewis knows linebacker ability when he sees it. His purple-and-dark blood is simply demonstrating somewhat this week.

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