Recall of contraceptive pills in the United States, the tablets were in disorder

Thousands of boxes of birth control pills from Allergan Laboratories have been recalled to the United States. The cause? The placebo pills were placed at the beginning of the platelet.

170,000 boxes of contraceptive pills from the pharmaceutical company Allergan have been withdrawn from the market. Indeed, the tablets have not been placed in the correct order of the blister, says the report of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The error was made on Taytulla platelets # 5620706 expiring in May 2019. The platelet consists of 24 “active” pink capsules (with hormones), followed by 4 brown placebo capsules (without hormones). These last pills were placed at the beginning of the cycle, at the beginning of the pack, not at the end.

Although the colour code provides information on the composition of the tablet, the FDA explains that “reversal of the order may not be apparent to new or previous users of the product, increasing the likelihood of disorderly removal of the capsules. Starting a platelet with placebos can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Clients have been kept informed of this recall and can take their contraceptive pills back to the pharmacy and arrange an exchange. A telephone number has also been made available for any additional questions.

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