The British F1 GP live: Victoria de Vettel with Alonso 8º and without Sainz


V47 – Vettel overtakes Bottas and takes the lead in the race! From behind, Verstappen spinning top. The Dutchman has a problem with his Red Bull.

V45 – Tremendous fight between the Mercedes and the Ferraris. All four cars glued together.

V44 – Raikkonen overtakes Verstappen!

V43 – Magnussen returns the overtaking to Alonso. Bottas is still defending himself as best he can from Vettel.

V42 – The race is relaunched! Alonso overtakes Magnussen and is now ninth.

V40 – These laps behind the safety car are pure gold for Bottas as they have very worn tires.



V39 – Sainz and Grosjean out of the race! The Spaniard was overtaking the Frenchman and they touched. New Safety Car on track.

V38 – Safety Car is removed. A new fourteen lap race begins.

V36 – The race changes completely. Bottas is the new race leader but has Vettel behind him with new tyres. Hamilton is third and is back in the fight for victory.

V34 – Alonso and Sainz take the opportunity to make a second stop. Vettel also stops.


V33 – Very serious Ericsson accident! Safety Car on track.

V31 – Second stop of Ricciardo that puts soft. The media is suffering more than expected and Renault’s strategy with the hardcore can pay off.

V29 – Hulkenberg, Ocon, Alonso, Magnussen and Sainz in less than five seconds.

V28 – Alonso overtook Sainz at the stop and is now ninth while the Spaniard is eleventh.

V25 – Hamilton to the pits. He puts in the middle tyres and comes out eleven seconds from Raikkonen who is fifth.

V23 – Hamilton lets Bottas in with newer tyres. The difference between Finnish and Vettel is less than four seconds.

V21 – Vettel stopped and rolled very slowly. The German leaves right in front of Hamilton.

V20 – Leclerc out of the race! Very serious mistake by Sauber. One of his wheels was not tightened properly and the Monegasque had to stop the car off the track.


V19 – The pilots are starting to suffer a lot of degradation. We’ll see if anyone else has to put in the hard work as Sainz’s media has lasted 18 laps.

V18 – Sainz for too soon. The Spaniard had the means and puts the hard ones to reach the end of the race.

V14 – Raikkonen’s stop that fulfills the ten second penalty. Also for Alonso who comes to the tail of the pack.

V13 – New Haas gaffe on a Sunday. The two cars touched each other at the start and right now Magnussen is 11th and Grosjean 14th.

V11 – Hamilton overtakes Hulkenberg and is now sixth. The Briton already has only those in his’league’ ahead of him. 10 laps has taken him from last place to sixth place.


V9 – The difference between Hamilton and race head is 25 seconds.

V7 – 10 second penalty for Raikkonen.



V7 – Incredible how different Hamilton is from the rest. With the car damaged, he’s overtaking the entire single-seater squad as if they were bent. It’s already tenth.

V6 – Vettel starts to set a great pace and is already five seconds ahead of Bottas.

V5 – They’re investigating the accident between Raikkonen and Hamilton. Finnish could be sanctioned.

V3 – At the moment, Vettel is the leader followed by Bottas and Verstappen who took advantage of the Raikkonen incident with Hamilton to move on to Finnish.


V2 – A great start for Carlos Sainz who finished ninth. Alonso, for his part, is eleventh.


Exit – Horrible exit for Lewis Hamilton. Vettel and Bottas overtook him and Raikkonen played with the Briton. Trouble for Lewis who’s been last.

15:05 – The middle of the board can also leave intense fights due to the tremendous equality between all the cars.

15:00 – Ten minutes to the start of the race. The equality between the Mercedes and Ferraris can leave a nice fight on the head. We’ll see how the Sebastian Vettel test goes. With neck problems yesterday, his team has placed a piece of foam on the headrest to make the race easier for the German.


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