Video is unbelievable Doctors remove an abnormal body from the body of an American woman weighing more than 50 pounds


In California, doctors removed a huge mass from a woman’s belly, prevented her from moving and forced her to stay at home for 10 years.

The doctors, 40-year-old Charlene Branham, had surgery to remove a mass of more than 50 kilograms that hung from her stomach between her legs after the house was locked and unable to work. Her mother, Deby, was taken care of.
This condition is called “pendioclated pannus” and produces fat from the abdominal area dangerously down the body.

Charlene suffered greatly because of this mass that turned her life into hell, she moved very hard, it was not easy to find clothes that fit her, and sometimes she used the bed cover to cover her body.

Charlene spent many years in her bedroom, out of sight, and increased her weight to about 250 kg. She began to gain extra weight in adolescence and became a 19-year-old mother and a 37-year-old grandmother.

Charlene noticed the first appearance of the cluster in 2005, but she was used to the appearance of cysts in her body so she ignored the block, but it began to grow over time, reaching the size that doctors can no longer treat.

Charlene finally resorted to an operation to restore her normal life, after this huge mass caused her death.

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