17 Hotel Fails That Will Have You Howling With Laughter!

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re off on holiday, excited about what’s to come, and then you check into your hotel and … OMG.

Whether that’s cockroaches in the sink, or barely washed bedclothes, most have had bad hotel experiences.

Here we count down 25 of the biggest hotel fails ever!

1. Hotel or Airplane!

image source

This hotel bathroom is so small that it looks like it’s been designed by the dude that builds plane interiors! A toilet, sink and bath all within the confines of about 5 square feet! Well, we say bath. I suspect that you’d struggle to fit a small dog in there!

2. Emergency Sign

image source

Your hotel room is on fire. What do you do? Ring reception? Better still, ring the fire brigade. Nope, not according to Thistle. You should hang a handy notice on your hotel room. And if that sign isn’t there, you’re not getting saved – no matter how loud you scream!


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