Birth story – Mum and baby boy — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – Contractions (not negative for me), pain, true knot, second degree tear, previous birth trauma So happy to finally be sharing my birth story! I’ve not seen many stories with GD and water births but very thankful to have had an amazing empowering experience – the complete opposite from my first! Apologies it’s … Read more

Birth story – Jayli and baby boy — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – Pain, contraction, sickness, induction, injection A little back story on our chosen birth: We live in Kent and unfortunately our local hospital is currently closed the birth center and on top of that, after a terrible experience of lack of cleanliness and lack of care from my midwives with my options on … Read more

Birth story – Megan and baby Ari — The Positive Birth Company

After spending months of my pregnancy afraid of my birth (first time mum), I was recommended the hypnobirthing course, by a friend of mine that had just taken the course and had a really positive birth! During my pregnancy I had noticed that all my ideas of birth were conditioned to be negative from what … Read more

Birth story – Virginie and baby Robin — The Positive Birth Company

Even though it went very well from a medical point of view, I’d experienced the birth of my first son as something quite traumatic. It had been an unassisted delivery, but I’d found it incredibly painful and had felt out of control through most of it. I’d requested an epidural but hadn’t got it, and … Read more

Why Don’t Male Birth Control Pills Exist?

The burden of birth control falls primarily on women. Pills patches, rings, implants — nearly all the contraception inventions of the past half century have been for the female body. Some would say that it’s because women experience almost all of the impacts (physical, financial, logistical) of an unplanned pregnancy. Why don’t guys have options … Read more

How to Have Sex with Herpes

Learning that you’ve tested positive for genital herpes (or any STI) can bring up a lot of questions: “What are my treatment options?”, “How do I tell my partner?”, and importantly, “What does this mean?” for my sex life?” Despite how common herpes is, many people simply don’t understand how the virus works, what flare-ups … Read more

Birth story – Amanda and baby Saga — The Positive Birth Company

I was so grateful to have found the Positive Birth Company’s course. I’m not one for reading explanatory books, especially baby ones, I find them boring, but I knew a natural birth was important to me. My Mum had all her children naturally and my sisters had also done natural, unmedicated births. These women paved … Read more

Birth story – Rebecca and baby Eloise — The Positive Birth Company

At 39 weeks I woke up and heard it was the Queen’s birthday. I joked with my husband saying “how cool would it be if the baby was born today and shared the Queen’s birthday?” My husband replied “I hope not, we aren’t ready”. This was true, we recently had an extension which had completed … Read more