Birth story – Reniece and baby Orion — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – use of the word contraction I wasn’t going to share my story because it happened a little while ago, right before the covid crisis and i thought people are now more interested in reading birth stories of how mothers have handled giving birth amidst it but also considering the current black lives … Read more

Birth story – Margarita and baby Elliot — The Positive Birth Company

Hey! I’m excited to write about my wonderful birth experience. Yes, it was a cesarean birth, yes, it wasn’t what I’ve ever envisioned or planned for. But it was absolutely perfect and I want to celebrate it with you, and to explain in detail what happens before, during and after the surgery, as that’s what … Read more

Birth story – Katrina and baby Thomas — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – Mention stroke, pregnancy losses, IVF, caesarean, COVID-19, multiple room changes, hypertension, catheter, reduced fetal heartbeat and use of the word contraction I’ve been excited to write our story as mothering and parenting has been an amazing journey so far and whilst our experience was eventful it was empowering having read so many … Read more

Birth story – Claire and baby Cassie — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – Contractions, Emergency C Section, after birth complication, blood loss. I wasn’t sure if I should tell my story as people always say to me, ‘you have been though the mill,’ but I did not feel that way at all as I have an amazing beautiful happy baby and I know I made … Read more

Birth story – Shonagh and baby girl — The Positive Birth Company

Pregnancy We found out shortly before Christmas last year that we were expecting, which came as a big but very welcome surprise! Overall my pregnancy was very straight forward with only some mild morning sickness between 6 and 14 weeks. I had always been interested in the idea of ​​a home birth after my sister … Read more

Birth story – Nadiah and baby Jonah — The Positive Birth Company

Myself and my wife were terrified of birth, I’m an ED/Paeds ED Consultant and generally hard as nails but still, both our moms had difficult birth stories for various reasons. My wife Becca is also pregnant (26 weeks). The Positive Birth Company face-to-face weekend course and online courses properly sorted out our perspectives and made … Read more