Real-Life Wedding Photographs Of Some Of WWE’s Biggest Stars

They may be big and scary in the ring, but that doesn’t mean professional WWE wrestlers are the same outside of it. Indeed, many have a softer side, and it’s not unusual for them to fall in love and start loving families just like the rest of us. Here we take a look at the wedding photos of some of our favorite WWE stars, as well as catching up with the happy couples to see what happened next.

Randy Orton & Kim Kessler

He was a bit of a wild man back in his youth, but time has tamed Randy Orton. Where he could be a bully in the ring and a hellraiser outside of it, he’s now something of a pussycat as he heads towards middle age. Orton divorced wife Samantha Speno back in 2013. He soon  found new love with Kim Kessler. The pair tied the knot in 2015.

Chris Jericho & Jessica Lockhart

Chris Jericho and his wife Jessica Lockhart celebrated eighteen years together this year, making theirs one of the longest unions on this list. The couple’s secret? “I always make sure that I give plenty of time to being at home,” Jericho explains. “I think that is the reason that I am able to make it work, just because I know that you need to spend that time, you know, with your family. That’s the most important thing. So, I never do tours over three weeks long specifically for that reason. It’s balanced, it’s not really juggling, it’s just a balance,”


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