Birth story – Rosie and baby Rae — The Positive Birth Company

I was really lucky to have had a pretty straightforward pregnancy, bar some pelvic girdle pain in 3rd trimester (which was massively helped by seeing a Chiropractor), pretty bad acid reflux, and a lot of paranoia about reduced fetal movement, but each time we went in for monitoring there was never a cause for concern. … Read more

Birth story – Reniece and baby Orion — The Positive Birth Company

*Trigger warning* – use of the word contraction I wasn’t going to share my story because it happened a little while ago, right before the covid crisis and i thought people are now more interested in reading birth stories of how mothers have handled giving birth amidst it but also considering the current black lives … Read more

Birth story – Margarita and baby Elliot — The Positive Birth Company

Hey! I’m excited to write about my wonderful birth experience. Yes, it was a cesarean birth, yes, it wasn’t what I’ve ever envisioned or planned for. But it was absolutely perfect and I want to celebrate it with you, and to explain in detail what happens before, during and after the surgery, as that’s what … Read more

Birth control and your period

It’s pretty common for hormonal birth control (pill, ring, patch, shot, implant, and hormonal IUD) and a non-hormonal IUD to affect your period. Depending on your birth control choice, your period could get lighter or heavier, come more or less often, or go away altogether. While these types of changes to your period might be … Read more