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how to Travel Tips for Canada 2019

post for travel

post for travel

so it’s been a long time since I made a
post for travelĀ of me sitting down and talking to
you guys but for today’s blog travel I’m going
to share with you guys some of the tips
that you will need to survive in Canada
and also dissipate some of the myths so
first of all, Canada has two official
languages French and English and I will
say the further west you are the least
people speak French but the further east
you are there are more people speaking
French however um our say English is the
most predominant language that is used
throughout Canada French is mainly used
within Ontario and Quebec the two
eastern provinces and some of the
Maritime Provinces as well so if you
cannot speak fetched by you decide to
visit Canada it’s not a big issue most
people will be able to communicate in
English number three
Canada has three big studies and that is
Montreal Toronto and Vancouver if you
live in one of the three big cities you
will not have any trouble getting around
if you don’t have a car or a vehicle
because we have some pretty extensive um
public transit system we have subways
also known as metros you have buses we
have suburban trains everything you
need to get by but taxis are rather
expensive so I would not encourage you
to get them as for the smaller City it
will be pretty hard to get by without a
car especially in around the winter time
okay so now here are those big news guys
Canada has four seasons it’s not
constantly winter it is very cold during
winter time it’s the wrong dog it could
go from a be zero degrees
is up to 40 minus 40 degrees Celsius now
minus 40 does not occur very often or
frequently and one whose time of the
a year does appear we Canadians are just
stay indoors we don’t go outside we
don’t parade around the streets and
enjoy the cold weather we also are human
so some of us actually have very low
tolerance for the cold and prefer to
stay indoors during up with your time if
you visit or live around the border of
Canada and the United States you will
notice that I usually winter could be a
bit long but spring and summer are
rather hot it could go up to 30 degrees
Celsius and sometimes even more it
depends on the year but our weather is
quite unpredictable um sometimes around
me we still have snow but that is quite
rare usually around March that’s when
all the snow melts one thing that I have
noticed when I was visiting Europe and
Asia is acting so I tend to be a lot
more closer as opposed to Canada where
everything is more spaced out well it’s
obvious because we have a lot of space
and a lot of area to cover it so we can
to make things bigger and have them more
spaced out for example in a lot of
cities I visited in Europe I know

travel free australia
there’s things you can get around just
walking around the city and there’s a
lot of bomb things surrounding you
stores big malls and so on but in Canada
and the United States have noticed that
um usually people drive around because
if you want to give go to a certain area
it could be quite far for much we all I
know if you want to go from one side of
the city to the other extreme MIDI it
takes about one or two hours and that is
without traffic so I see you see it
could be a pretty long drive if you come
to visit Canada during winter or if you
come studying here I would highly highly
highly suggest you invest in some good
winter is yours now that means a very
warm coat a pair of winter boots that
will prevent you from slipping and
sliding on ice and also I would suggest
you buy yourself like the whole set you
winter hat scarf gloves
another thing about winter is actually
there’s a lot of ice outside and you
feel like it’s very difficult to walk
the trick is to walk like a penguin just
slow down and take tiny steps there’s
really no magic to it you just need to
master the penguin walk aside from that
I’m hope that you will come to this
country with an open mind everyone is
very I would say accepting of religion
ethnicity sexual orientation just about
everything we can accept but there is an
exception and that is for rudeness when
you ask for things remember to say
please and thank you all the time in
terms of living expenses and just going
out to eat and shopping I will say that
Canada has a bit higher than the United
States in terms of pricing but far far
far lower than Europe I was astonished
by how expensive everything is in Paris
and just overall eating out was very
very expense
they’re around here you can probably get
yourself a pretty good meal around ten
to twenty two million dollars yes we are
hockey fanatics but not all of us are
most people however I will say I really
enjoy hockey it’s kind of like the
national sport we do not say eh I don’t
know why people think that comedians
would say eh a lot
we actually don’t as for our media
culture it’s very similar to the
American media culture we follow
basically, everything that’s kind of
Americans but for Quebec Montreal
especially we have our own local popular
media that people follow a lot so that
is all for today’s post for travel if you guys are
going to visit Canada please leave us on
where you’re going in the comments below
and if you have any questions also leave
them there so please click like and
subscribe thank you see you next time


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