The Partridge Family: Where Are The Cast 45 Years Later?

For those of you who grew up in the 70s, you will fondly remember the classic TV show The Partridge Family. 

A widowed mother and her five children travel around the country in a funky bus and form a band together! What was not to love about the family comedy show?

Well the iconic family is all grown up nowadays and it’s amazing to look at what they’ve gone through over the last 45 years!

Check out what the cast of The Partridge Family were like back then compared to now.

1. Shirley Jones Then

Shirley Jones played the lovable Shirley Partridge, the leader of the talented Partridge family. She is one of the most iconic TV moms to ever grace an American TV set and it’s safe to say the whole of America loved her!


2. Shirley Jones Now

Shirley Jones now

Since the show she has achieved loads from writing a memoir and starred in loads of successful TV shows from Hot In Cleveland to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


3. Suzanne Crough Then

Suzanne was the youngest daughter, Tracey, of the Partridge family. She didn’t speak more than just once or twice each episode but she was often seen in the background of their shows dancing away on her tambourine!



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