Urgent stop : Storms Trigger Tornado Warning for New Jersey’s Ocean County

A tornado warning was issued for Ocean County in New Jersey Thursday night, as a band of heavy rain swept across the tri-state.

The warning lasted until 9:30 p.m. as storms made their through the area. It came while a cell of heavy rain went up New Jersey and was heading toward the city and Connecticut.

Track the storms using our interactive radar below.

The tornado warning came after a day that featured a mix of rain and sun. The morning commute was a wet one for most around the tri-state, but after those storms moved out it was a fairly nice day around the region.


Some isolated storms hovered above the area for the evening, but all are expected to move east around midnight. Some of the local storms looked to feature some thunder and lightning, with the surprise tornado warning for the southern New Jersey county.

Friday looks to be a nice day with temperatures in the mid 70s and plenty of sun and clouds. The nice conditions last through Saturday, but storms from the north and west could make their way down to the region in time for Father’s Day.

source https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Tornado-Warning-Issued-for-New-Jersey-Ocean-County-511273792.html